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Meet Our Team

USAGO has brought together highly experienced authors that are seasoned industry professionals to write articles relating to a wide range of topics that provide you with state-of-the-art information. Our articles then go through an extensive review process by other professionals to ensure we are delivering the best content for you.

Daniel Cavallaro


Dan is a lifelong country boy with a passion for helping others. He has significant experience in training and educating professionals and is recognized as an expert in personal protection and firearms.

Dan has had an eclectic career in healthcare and the private security industry. He began his healthcare career in EMS, worked as an Assistant in Surgery, and concluded it as the CEO of a large surgical practice he founded. He co-authored numerous scientific articles and developed a renowned international advanced life support training organization.

During his career, he spent 11 years as the team leader of an aero-medical evacuation team and performed over 300 missions, many in hostile and unfriendly environments. This experience started his journey into the world of personal protection.

Over the years, he has trained with elite military team members and DOD contractors and has taken numerous tactical firearms classes. He is an NRA Pistol instructor, a former Georgia State Certified Firearms and Classroom Instructor, armed Security Officer, current Director of Training and Education for the United States Association of Gun Owners (USAGO), Founder and Instructor of Guardian Protective Institute, and a licensed Florida Armed Security Officer.

In 2012 he entered the private security industry, where he functioned as an armed security officer, private investigator, and firearms instructor. He co-authored two books on firearms laws, authored numerous publications on firearms and personal protection, developed several firearms training programs, and taught over 400 firearms classes and related personal protection seminars.

Sam Dempsey

Developer, Editor

Sam was born and raised in the heart of Georgia, where he has grown to pursue passions and ambitions of all kinds. Each of these has now become a big part of his life. Digital marketing, social media management, professional photography, and videography make up just one part of his daily routine.

Sam is also pursuing his B.A. in Communications with Public Relations Concentration and a Minor in Spanish, as well as his B.S. in Aviation and Management with Fixed Wing Flight Concentration. His knowledge, training, and hands-on experience in communications and marketing are how he found himself working as the Marketing Lead for USAGO.

He manages all sorts of new projects daily, including developing all aspects of the association's digital presence. In his free time, he continually pursues his fixed-wing piloting and runs his own business growing, writing, and editing websites and blogs from the ground up.

If he's not behind his computer working, you'll find him behind the wheel on a road trip, behind the lens of his camera, or handling the yoke of a plane while exploring just below the Blue Ridge Mountains.

John Taylor

Writer, Editor